Why Write about Reslife?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are the GReAtest! (students that work for Residence Life)


–  Train twelve’s hours a day for a week or more during the summer

–  Spend all day moving in their residents

–  Live with their co-workers and customers (residents)

–  Handle more paperwork than most secretaries

–  Serve on-call, confronting just about any student or building issue

–  Counsels the homesick, confused, abused, and I-just-need-someone-to-talk-to kind of students

–   Write up the drunk student and befriend them at the same time by inviting them to a program

–  Teach all sorts of life skills

–   Make the building pretty with bulletin boards and door tags

–   Have lots of meetings, some at odd hours of the night

All this while getting a degree and trying to balance that thing we call, “life.”

Q: I mean, who does this?

A: RAs—I can’t think of another job so unique, intrusive, yet incredibly rewarding. RAs are some of the greatest people I know.


Visit me on tumblr and meet the RAs


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