RA of the Month

RA of the month

Here’s the part of my blog where I recognize a really cool RA.The first RA of the month is Mandy Rae! Yay for Mandy!

mandy Rae

Mandy likes Harry Potter, Glee and the color yellow

She so graciously agreed to let me feature her on this post. After I finished the second draft of my book last year, I came across her tumblr: youknowyoureanrawhen, which made me smile and laugh. There was stuff on there about RAlife that I could really relate to, even though I haven’t been an RA in years. I find it comforting that the RA job hasn’t changed, proving that the Reslife culture is going strong. I snagged a few of the RA saying from her blog. Don’t fret; I’ll translate the RA lingo.


Duty—RAs have to walk around their building to make sure students are alright and not getting into trouble

Program—Planned events RAs provide for students

You can also find community on her blog–RAs trying to help each other. The job is pretty stressful: dealing with crisis situations and my goodness, the paperwork is like having three extra classes. So Mandy, providing a Dear Abby kind of section has been tremendously helpful for RAs everywhere. Like her tagline states, “A place where RA and (CAs) can share ideas and stories.”

Congratulations Mandy Rae on being RA of the Month!! Keep Shining!

If you’d like to recognize an RA let me know. I’d love to highlight  their awesomeness on my blog.;)


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