Happy Holidays: These are a few of my favorite things

It’s that time of year again. And my husband can never get enough of the holiday cheeriness. He’s really an elf or was in a previous life. Before the Thanksgiving turkey was carved he was playing Christmas music. I, however, was still cranking my Foster the People station on Pandora. I enjoy the holidays; I do, even though I’m not much of a consumer or party-goer.

I’ve never left college, in a sense. So, I’ve been on a semester-like schedule for years, which leads me to one of my favorite things. When you work with college students you get the best breaks. I work with students at five different schools in the Maryland/D.C area and they’ll be out for a month. So that means, my schedule will clear up nicely and I’ll have time to go on vacation and write too. But here’s my list of favorite things about this time of year.

holiday tree

  • Glowing Christmas lights tracing homes, fences, poles, trees…I love it all.
  • Holiday feel-good movies: National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, The Grinch, Elf, these are a must watch for my family.
  • Snowflakes
  • Winter fashion: stylish coats, boots, hats, and scarves.
  • Christmas music
  • Seeing the excitement and wonder in my kids eyes Christmas morning.
  • All the yummy food that I get to indulge in once a year
  • Smelling the burning wood from the fireplace

Well, that’s about it.  What about you? What are your favorite things about this time of year?


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