WIPpet Wednesday–my first!

A sequel to The Hall Speaks already? Well..I’m a rebel, not really. But I had this planned out before I even wrote the first novel. Anyone that’s worked in Reslife knows that fall semester is very, very different from spring term.  And I wanted to capture all that and the growth that occurs among the students.

Anyway, since I haven’t found a critique group since I moved, I thought it’d be nice to take part in WIPpet W. I need the accountability and I really enjoying hearing from other authors!:) How it works is the excerpt has to be related to the date. So, here this is my first sample WIPpet, 22 lines on page 14 from THS#springsemester, which equals 1-22-14.  Like the first novel, this one follows the lives of a Reslife staff, and there are four main story lines. This is one of them.

Scene: Landon is having a difficult conversation with someone who means a lot to him.

His lips stayed in a tight line as he stared at the floor. He knew what he needed to say and that he’d cower if he looked at her. “Lizzie,” he sighed, “you shouldn’t have brought Rebecca here, not under the assumption that she could be my date.”

Her eyebrows came together. “Why not…Landon, you two always got along great, I thought you’d be  – ,“ explained Lizzie, but he interrupted before she could finish.

“I’m not available.” Lizzie looked even more confused as she waited for a plausible explanation. “I’m in love with–.” He paused, knowing from Lizzie’s tortured expression she already knew. He lifted his chin, tightening his jaw, unapologetic.

“Landon, you can’t be serious,” she said slowly, the words difficult for her to get out. She closed her eyes like she couldn’t look at him anymore. “Are you sleeping with her?” she asked, squeezing her temple as if she had a headache.

Landon frowned, appalled. “No, of course not. I wouldn’t do that – never under these circumstances,” he said with conviction.

Lizzie began pacing in the small living room. “So what does this mean? Are you considering resigning? Landon that’s ludicrous!” Her voice started to rise, “You’ve worked so hard – gaining the respect of everyone…and to do this…” She stopped, putting both hands on her hips.

“I am resigning and don’t try to convince me otherwise. I’m not telling you this so you that you can talk me out of it.” Blinking, he glanced at the ceiling, not wanting the emotion in his eyes to run down his face.  “You need to know this because I don’t need you setting me up on dates. I’m sorry for lying to you…”


Thanks always for reading! If you’d like to participate in WIPpet just go here.  And thank you K. L. Schwengel for hosting! This is such a great idea.:)



23 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday–my first!

  1. Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday – it is a great (and very supportive) group! I enjoyed your WIPpet. It sounds like Lizzie did know exactly what was going on with Landon, but was hoping by sheer force of will (and set-ups) to pretend it wasn’t. At least he’s standing up for himself in the face of potential interference.

    • Aww,thank you! I’m excited to be a part of this group. It’s always fun to see a writers’ project in the making. Then reading the final product is the best because it feels like I was part of the process. 🙂 thanks again for your comments, much appreciated!

  2. Welcome, Chloe. I hope you enjoy hanging out with this unruly…er…well-mannered bunch. 🙂 The WIPpeteeers really are great fun, and so supportive. I’m glad you’re diving in.

    Love the excerpt. Sounds like it’s going to be a bit of a complicated situation. Nice tension starting to build, and a glimpse at Landon’s struggle to keep his emotions in. I love that line about not wanting them to run down his face. Tells me he might be a bit of a sensitive fellow.

  3. Welcome to the WIPpeteers, Chloe! It’s great fun and as Kathi said so supportive. Nice extract and as the others have commented great tension and emotion running through it.

  4. Yay! Another WIPpet-eer! I’m relatively new to it myself (maybe a month?).

    Can I just say that I love that you’re writing this type of fiction? I think there’s an assumption that once people leave high school, they just “graduate” to grown-up books. It’s nice to see something that speaks more to that in-between stage. I like the underlying emotions in the scene you shared.

    • I appreciate it so much! I love writing about college students, that time is so special. For me, college is where I made the most life changing decisions: who to marry, where to live, career, etc. I’m glad to see more books highlighting that journey. I look forward to checking out more of your work too!:)

  5. Welcome! Nice excerpt to start off, with a lot of interpersonal conflict. Definitely pulls the reader along!

    I had the feeling a couple of times that you were starting to drift into Lizzie’s pov, so you might want to take a look at it from that aspect.

  6. Let me add another “Well Come! to the group”, Chloe.

    Since I’m not quite sure about these characters, I hesitate to make claims about them, but I suspect that Landon is desperately trying to maintain respectability and that Lizzie thinks he’s being an idealistic fool. And it sounds like poor Rebecca is caught in the middle….

  7. This is a great exchange, I can really feel the emotions rippling through it. Also, as I said somewhere else in a comment on your blog, I really do love that you’re writing about ResLife and I’m going to have to read these books! 😀

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