The Call –WIPpet Wednesday

Is it too late? Today has been crazy-busy, student appointments back-to-back. I’m actually just getting home from a campus event, which was a great success! So back to my WIPpet, THS #springsemester, this section is from Owen’s POV. He and Sage (both RAs)  are confronting a transfer student that’s bringing a bit of mystery (or baggage) to Corbin Hall.

The math 2+9=11 (the 11th blog entry), and 14/1=14  (14 lines or so), all of this equal

January 29, 2014

Corbin Hall

Corbin Hall

# Owen

She turned around and smiled at Owen and Sage like they were old friends. “Hey guys! Want some coffee…I’m sure duty’s a killer.” Getting up from her pink chair, she stepped toward a little coffee maker.

Sage lifted his hand, his fingers blocking his nostrils as if something stunk. “Ah, no…we won’t be long.”

Gavin interjected, “Yeah, sorry to bother you, but I got a call from your mother and she seemed kinda worried. You should give her a call…”

Reilly’s face tightened, gritting her teeth like they were the only thing to prevent her from yelling. “What did you tell her?” she said enunciating every word, staring at nothing.

Owen’s brows lifted, seriously wondering if he’d have to perform an exorcism. A simple night of duty was forming on his mental bucket list. For a moment, he couldn’t remember why he wanted be a res-lifer forever. He glanced at Sage whose expression stayed the same, calm and indifferent.

We didn’t tell her anything, technically we’re not allowed to,” explained Owen slowly, watching her reaction.

Reilly’s chest was visibly moving up and down. A few seconds later, her breathing steadied and her eyes shot to Owen. “She’s going to call again. I’ll have to figure this out, but the games are over,” she mumbled.


Thanks always for reading! If you’d like to participate in WIPpet just go here.  And thank you K. L. Schwengel for hosting! Happy reading and writing!


15 thoughts on “The Call –WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Never too late. 🙂 I keep the linky active until Thursday so you can still add yours if you want.

    Overall I like this scene, there’s definitely some tension brewing, something going on behind the scenes. I found it hard to figure out who was who, but that’s due to it being out of context, I’m sure. I think I was getting Reilly and Sage mixed up.

  2. I stumbled a bit on the opening (if you hadn’t told me this was from Owen’s POV, I would have though it was the girl at the opening), Chloe, but by the end, I was really curious to know what has Riley so riled… (sorry about the pun). The plot thickens….

    • When I worked in Reslife we’d have parents call because their student, according to them, was missing. However I knew the student was fine but I couldn’t force them to contact their parents. I always found these situations so interesting so I wanted to include it because the reasons they avoid parents end up being a complicated issue.

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