WIPpet Wednesday–Cardboard Box

The Life of an RA

The Life of an RA

This time sure does come around quickly! Well, here’s another excerpt from the sequel for The Hall Speaks. If you’ve read the first novel, you know that Sage gets into a bit of trouble when he confronts residents about some illegal activity. His storyline was inspired by the constant struggle that RAs have with residents that hate them for doing their job. I’ve had RAs threatened, tires slashed, assaulted,  all because they had to document a student that was drinking underage or something along those lines.  I’ve even had students give me the evil-eye after a judicial hearing, but I learned not to take it personally. For my character Sage, he’s not given much of a choice because the guys that are after him have made it very personal.

The Math: February 5th, 2014, so I’m taking this excerpt from the 5th blog entry and dividing 14 by 2 which gives me 7 sentences to share. I’ll throw in an extra one for fun!

The Scene: Sage is getting back from class and stopping by the front desk in Corbin Hall. There’s a surprise waiting for him.

“Thanks,” stated Sage, studying the small box. Not bothering to look through the papers, as usual; they were just organizational flyers for him to post on his floor. He laid the loose papers down on the counter. He held the thin cardboard box in both hands; it was just a little bigger than the width of his palm. He looked at it from all sides, trying to find any markings that would indicate who it came from. But there was nothing. Unable to wait, Sage slipped his finger underneath the flap, opening the box. He felt as if the ground went lopsided as soon as he made out what he was looking at. 


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23 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday–Cardboard Box

    • Yes, I agree. Especially when you’re dealing with college kids things can get petty pretty quickly. A lot of students struggle with the accountability factor, like actually getting in trouble for their actions. So, unfortunately, there tends to be a little backlash. Especially when they are confronted by a peer like an RA. I guess they want to take out their frustration on someone. Thanks for checking out this week’s WIPpet! 🙂

    • Lol! Thanks. He goes through quite a bit but I hope readers will cheer for him along the way. He’s a pretty tough character but this situation could break him. Everyone will have to wait and see how it all unfolds. I think I liked writing his story more than the romantic element in my series. 🙂

  1. Argh! *grabs Chloe by lapels* What’s in the box?!!? Tell me! *ahem* Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Hope it’s not a body part…

  2. This was why I chose not to become a college professor after I earned my MSEd. I can’t handle the awful behaviors of some people that age.

    I’m very interested to know what’s in that box and how it’s been made personal for Sage.

    • Amy, I completely understand your decision. There were several times when I felt the same way. But then you get so many awesome students that make up for drama. And to what’s in the box, well…it’s a secret. 🙂 Just kidding. Let’s just say I’ll give away too much of the plot if I tell. Thanks for stopping by this week and reading my WIPpet!

  3. I’m with the others about wanting to know what’s in that box! Great (and rather frustrating!) place to leave us hanging. It’s intriguing to think what could shock him so much.

  4. I remember how hard it was for the RAs in our dorm to do their jobs (and they weren’t as meticulous as they probably should have been by far). It’s a hard place to be in… near age to be friends with most of the people you’re practically parenting.

    I feel like I should be leaning over Sage’s shoulder whispering “Don’t open the box; it’s bad; you know it’s going to be bad… don’t open it until you’ve had a moment to gather yourself.”

      • Would you think less of my reply if I said that when I first read about the box, all I could think of was a record of Greek myths I used to play as a little girl. The story of Pandora had this song along with it: a bunch of ghostly voices chant-whispering “Don’t open the box; don’t open the box, the gods themselves won’t press those locks; don’t open that box.”

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