This month I’ve started editing the sequel to my debut novel, The Hall Speaks #fallsemester. It hasn’t been horrible, but I wish I could say that I’ve been working on it everyday and making great progress. Last week was full of student chaos–all fun, but nonetheless exhausting.  So, spending time with my characters got put hold a few days. I have one more major event that I’m planning and after that, I’m hoping the semester will slow down to a manageable pace.  🙂

Onto my WIPpet for today, March 19, 2014. My brain is loaded so I’m doing easy math, just adding it all together.

3+19+2=24 sentences or so, and 2+1+4= blog post 7

I thought it would be helpful to share exactly I write about since my premise is fairly unusual.  In short, my books are about Residence Life culture, specifically resident assistants (RAs).  They have this unique experience of living at their job with co-workers (other RAs), customers (residents), and the boss (Hall Director). As you can image, this set-up makes everything interesting. Especially on the relationship front. Boundaries are crossed, lines are blurred to a nonexistent level.  But who can blame them? It’s hard living with anyone without things getting personal at some point.

And this topic brings us to RAs Carly and Ethan that share a past, but still  must work together. And I’d like to add my choice of actors to play these rolls this week.  I usually don’t imagine the face of actors when I write, but what the heck! I wanted to add something fun to this weeks WIP excerpt. 🙂


In this scene they are in winter RA training. Carly is looking to finally get some answers from Ethan.



Carly watched as Janine walked towards them, wearing a colorful mess of clothes, smiling.

Janine held her arms out to the group as if waiting for a hug. “And to most of your residents that’s exactly what your transfer students will be like–strangers. Not starting the year with ya’ll is a real set-back socially, so it’s your job to Do It Like Grandma Does!”

The corner of Carly’s lip lifted, irritated. Ok I can totally zone out now… She peeked at Ethan next to her. Better idea.

She reached in her bag and grabbed a notebook; she figured it would look less suspicious, like they were taking notes on the presentation. She scribbled on the paper. Her handwriting hadn‘t been great since the accident but it was legible. She pushed the note under his elbow.

Ethan looked down, reading it.

Why didn’t you visit me? I know we didn’t end on the best terms – we had our ups and downs but I thought we were still friends. We’re cool, right? 

He sat there for a minute shifting uncomfortably in his seat, then picked up the pen and wrote:

I was working, sorry. And yeah, we’re cool.

Carly looked at Ethan as his eyes stayed on Janine. He was hiding something. She could smell guilt better than police dogs sniffing for street drugs. Having cheated on her boyfriend with Ethan last semester, she suffered from the guilt-disease for weeks. Whatever was going on with Ethan overflowed from his eyes, apparently affecting his vision. Since they’d gotten back from break, he hadn’t look at her–not really. None of it made sense.

Then her chest tightened as she gripped the sides of her new transportation. She groaned inwardly, hoping Ethan wasn’t getting all weird because she was in a wheelchair now. But that couldn’t be it, Carly decided. Ethan was lame sometimes, but not petty.


Always, thanks for reading! If you’d like to take part in WIPpet just go here.  Be sure to check out other WIPpets, I’ll be doing my rounds tomorrow. And thank you K. L. Schwengel for hosting! Happy reading and let’s all keep writing!

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21 thoughts on “Guilty–WIPpet

  1. Wow, you do a very good job of setting this scene and making me feel Ethan’s avoidance. I love the first line…the way you describe what Janine is wearing. Good job with the emotions in this one.

  2. I’m a pretty long way from my college days, but I’m really enjoying these snippets. So much of it is familiar to what I remember, even 20 years past.

    I’m not sure I like Ethan just yet. Something I can’t put my finger on. Maybe I’m getting whatever vibe Carly’s feeling. I suppose that just means you’re doing your job, right? 🙂

    • Amy!I’m so glad you can still relate to my college characters. I haven’t been in undergrad for years but my students help realize nothing has really changed. If I knew someone like Ethan I probably wouldn’t like him much. Although, he is one my husband’s favorite characters. I think it’s because Ethan’s mistakes are raw and unapologetic, which makes for an interesting read.:)

  3. I like the way you unroll the personal details. It makes the facts of Carly’s life, post-accident, simple a part of her life – one she’s not quite used to, but has accepted.

    And something tells me there’s more to the way that Ethan watches Janine than Carly may want to know…

    Color me intrigued!

  4. Definitely sounds like an avoid-y response! I love that she worries that he’s being weird because she’s in a wheelchair. When something that big happens in your life, I can imagine the paranoia you’d feel about all your relationships.

    • Emily! You are so right, big changes of any kind comes with the insecurities of being treated differently. At this point, Carly has had her share of people pointing out her limitations. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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