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Have you ever met someone who has a bad attitude for no reason? Like, you ask a simple question and they snap back with a rude comment. It’s hard not to take it personally. And showing compassion for the person displaying this behavior–forget about it–not happening!  Because I know for me in those situations, I don’t exactly get this feeling:


Well, I’ve learned that there is always a reason–not that it’s justifiable–why people are mean. I’m convinced that 90% of road-rage has nothing to do with driving. Sometimes people go through horrible things and live with residual anger.  If any of you have ever seen Anger Management you know exactly what I’m talking about. Or one of my favorites, that moment in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark just goes mad-cow disease on his boss.

The way many people feel when life just gets crazy

The way many people feel when life just gets crazy

Unfortunately for my character, Kessa Daniels, her situation has no laughter involved. She’s carrying a dark burden. A burden that was forced, one that she never imagined carrying.  But she holds it with an attitude because it’s the only way to deal with the pain. Some folks smile the pain away, while others push everyone away.

In my first novel, The Hall Speaks #fallsemester, Kessa is introduced during RA training. She is playing the role of a cutter during the scenario and is so believable the other RAs get emotional watching. This happens during that scene:

But for Kessa, conjuring up tears was as easy as brushing her teeth.

She had more to cry about then any of them could ever know. 

My WIP scene is connected to this one, and it’s from RA Marcus Johnson’s POV. They are ‘just friends’ and he’s finally getting Kessa to trust him. Marcus asked Kessa to attend a divine nine fraternity banquet with him.

The math: April 2, 2014 so I’m giving you 22 lines (14+2+2+4) from blog post 8 (4th month multiplied by 2).


“Never mind, Marcus, I’ll get it myself,” she demanded, snatching the cup from his hand.

“Look–I’m sorry.”

Her expression softened. No one could be mad at Marcus for long. His dimples appeared when he talked. He accepted people and they accepted him right back.

Kessa gave him a quick smile. “It’s ok, I’m sorry too.”

“Hey, let me introduce you to one of the pillars in KSG…” Marcus shifted to the side, revealing the dark-skinned guy behind him. “This is Drake,” he introduced, patting his high set shoulders.

The most peculiar smile shaped Drake’s slender face as he studied Kessa’s form. Marcus frowned slightly because Drake stared at Kessa like he knew her in that way. He glanced at Kessa and felt even more lost.

She stood there, still as a tree in the eye of a storm. Her dark brown eyes focused on Drake, watering from a new emotion. Her fingers twitched. Before Marcus could mutter another word, she flung her drink in Drakes’ face. The red liquid dripped down his neck, staining his white collared shirt hot pink.


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15 thoughts on “Hot Pink Stain–WIPpet

    • He is from her past and it wasn’t a blast. Kessa’s story was the hardest for me to write, for sure. But I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to understand her perspective and motives. Thanks for reading Kathi! And I’m so happy your new novel is gaining great reviews. 🙂

      • Thanks, Chloe.

        Sometimes telling our characters stories isn’t easy, is it? I feel that way with Driev.

  1. Oh, I do feel for Kessa. There are people from my past I would *never* want to see again under any circumstances. I hope she’s able to open up to someone about it.

    • Thanks so much! That means a lot sense I’m always doubting my work. Finding the balance of ‘show and tell’ is a hard one. I haven’t mastered it but there are many more manuscripts to practice on.:)

    • Adrian!Yes,Marcus is really thrown off by this situation. As the story moves forward it gets even more complicated for him being in the middle.

      So glad you stopped by, and thanks for commenting! 🙂

    • Elaine! So glad you liked it! And you are correct,Kessa knows him in a way she never wanted. Drake isn’t the only person involved and it gets really messy. Marcus will have to make some tough decisions.

      I shouldn’t like seeing my characters sweat so much but I do.:) I know they can handle it though.

    • Emily! Yeah, it’s hard for Marcus because he thinks highly of this guy. So to see Kessa, his date, react like this is beyond awkward.I’m glad that you find her interesting. Writing her into the story I wasn’t sure readers would like her, but my husband assured me that some people would understand her perspective. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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