Tough Education

Happy WIPpet Wednesday!

The end of the semester is here—exams are stressing out my students! I don’t envy them. Graduate school nearly broke me—academic hazing is what I called it. However, I am so extremely grateful for my education. The experience inspired me to write a book. So, that makes all the endless, sleepless nights of studying worth it.

For all the exam takers, you'll get through this.

For all the exam takers out there, you’ll get through this.

The Hall Speaks #fallsemester is my début novel and the sequel is my WIPpet. There are several story lines, but today I’m going to share an excerpt from Sage’s. He wears the RA position like a BOSS, making policy enforcement look cool. But the RA job has forced him into a dangerous situation. He gets a tough education—one that has nothing to do with school. I shared about him here.

For the math: May 14, 2014, just 5 sentences for the month.



Early Monday morning before the sun got up, Sage took off for the campus gym. He ran across the lawn as if the water called him. The distinct smell of chlorine hit him as he entered the humid, warm locker room. He went for first locker he saw and opened it, tossing in his blue bag. Alone, with only the steady humming sound of the heater, his thoughts racing just as fast.


Thanks for reading, and comments much appreciated! If you’d like to take part in WIPpet just go here.  Be sure to check out other WIPpets because they are fabulous! 🙂  And thank you K. L. Schwengel for hosting! Happy reading All! Stay beautiful. 

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18 thoughts on “Tough Education

    • Adrian! Thanks for commenting. And that smell is definitely one that’s hard to forget. I don’t even swim regular but that chlorine smell never changes no matter the pool. 🙂

  1. Nothing like a good swim to knock out some stress and put the mind in a better place. And I can smell and feel the humid, chlorine laced air in this excerpt. So distinct.

  2. Oddly enough, I’ve almost stopped associating chlorine (that bleachy scent at least) with swimming. Our YMCAs have been using something called a MiOx system, and there’s no chlorine involved. Has been for almost 10 years…. So, it took me a moment to return to that “distinct” smell.

    The last sentence is… well, it’s not a sentence (mostly because of the verb tense used, but it definitely set a sense of impending stresses for Sage.

    And your comment about graduate school and the pressure of testing, exams and papers is spot on. It takes so much out of your while it is happening, and then, once it’s done… it’s like you feel like you can conquer the world. And need to…. to pay off the loans. 😀

    • I’ve never heard of MiOx, will have to check into that. Now chlorine just smells so strong to me when I take my kids to the pool. Swimming without that scent around must feel like taking a bath, which I wouldn’t mind. 🙂

      And yes, I hear ya with the loans! Those never ending payments do not make my bank account happy–not at all.

      As always,thanks for reading and for the advice. 🙂

      • Oh, MiOx has an odor, but it’s not so much bleachy. If anything, the pool smells a lot more like a locker room, kind of like too many people to close together. But that could be just me. My mom says she never noticed much of an odor…

        Here’s to a happier bank account in the future. And I hope the comments didn’t seem critical… just rambling, I guess. And hey, maybe you can find a pool nearby that uses the system, and save your sinuses a bit. 😀

  3. Great description with wonderful physical details to ground the reader.

    And yes, I remember graduate school well — and fondly. Post-doc less fondly. I think that’s the true hazing ritual here in Germany.

    • Ha! Glad you can relate to graduate school stress. I had fun, but am glad that phase of my life has passed. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Ruth! Hope all is well.

      Oh, and I visited Germany and love that area of the world. My husband is German, so I’m sure we will go there together when our kids are older.

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