When You’re Not Writing…

I imagine writers have other responsibilities outside of perfecting their craft.

It’s a constant tug-and-war game—writing and…life. I try not to feel guilty about being one person, lacking the ability to multiply like gremlins so that I can get more accomplished; though my virtual planner these days looks like some wacky kind of road map. I’ve been busy—all over the place. Will summer break ever come? Oh right, that phenomenon ended after undergrad. To add to this, I’ve just bought a car and a house. And for anyone who’s been through the home buying process, you understand my exhaustion.

As artists, it’s so easy to get lost in our craft. Actually, most of us prefer that space—I know I do. I feel most myself when I’m creating something. I know this comes from my father. He’s a rapper. Growing up, we had a studio in the basement and he spent most of his time there. A little checked-out from the world, but when he returned he’d bring a new song with him.

Now, I completely get that obsessive passion about art. But I’m learning the importance of being present—in the moment. It’s hard to do when I’d prefer to be alone with my characters or plotting a new story. With the help of those I love, I’m learning to do both — achieve my writing goals and enjoy the special moments life offers.

When I’m not writing or reading, these are some of the things that can fill my days.


1) I’m spending time with students—lots of them.


2) Being a mom and volunteering at school.


3) I like taking friends out for yummy desserts. This is Hotcakes Restaurant in

Charlottesville, Virginia and they have wonderful sweets.


4) I take time to feel nostalgic. This is my high school. In 10th grade I had my Napoleon

Dynamite moment and danced in a talent show.

The audience cheered because they were so surprised this shy girl could break dance.

Now, I’d probably break something if I tried to spin on my head.


5) I try to witness as many sunsets as possible. I love the sky. This is from my backyard.


6)And lastly, in light of Fathers’ Day, my hubby got Father Of The Year. We attended a

special banquet where he was honored. So proud of him!

When you’re not writing, what are you up to? 🙂



4 thoughts on “When You’re Not Writing…

  1. When I’m not writing … I am volunteering (at kids’ school, at daughter’s Girl Scout troop, for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters), I am watching my kids play baseball and softball, I am spending time with hubs, doing logic problems while watching TV, working out, and doing all the stay-at-home mom stuff. We all have lives. Writing is part of life, but not all life is. In the end, we all do the best we can. 🙂

    • Kathy! That sounds like a pretty full schedule too! I’m sure it’s fun watching the kids play sports. My son will be getting into soccer soon–I can’t wait. I was pretty athletic growing up. And you’re so right, we are all doing the best we can. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing! I love learning about other writers. 🙂

    • I know. It was much easier to write whilst on maternity leave. Now, working full time, it’s been crazy trying to make time. I just got back from working at camp for a week. And this week, I’ll be speaking at a scholarship festival for teens promoting my books. Teens are a group I need to spend more time marketing to. 🙂 Hope all is well with your writing! Thanks for checking in.

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