Must You ALWAYS Cross Your Eyes And Dot All Your Teas?? YES!

I don’t usually reblog posts but this just speaks to me on so many levels. This article explains why I only post once a week. Being slightly obsessive combined with having dyslexia, makes for long hours dedicated to writing. I spend way too much time stressing over one post. Glad I’m not alone! This FANTASTIC post made me laugh and I hope it does the same for you.

Happy Thursday, my friend! 🙂

Once Upon Your Prime

photo-253 Here is a fact:  If you have OCD (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder) or are a Perfectionist or even just Superstitious,  (heaven help you if you’re all three!) you will waste spend a lot more time on your blog than the typical person.  There are even sub-sets of related problems that bloggers can develop and not ever realize they are afflicted.  Read on to see if you recognize yourself in any of these 10 maladies.

1.  The Compulsive Commenter Syndrome (extra 10 minutes)  Before you leave a comment on someone else’s blog, you absolutely MUST read what other readers have already said about it, otherwise you could duplicate their remarks or just sound terribly boring in comparison.  Add on another ten minutes if the person’s blog already has over twenty comments.

2.  The Crime of the Rhyme – – (extra 8 minutes)  You get caught up in rhyming, especially your titles. Kind of…

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Top 3 Stories for Love Day

Love Day can be a little awkward. Some people love it, while others hate all the gooey love stuff. And this goes for single people and those you think have significant others. Because we all know that being in a relationship doesn’t mean it’s a happy/healthy one. So, I’m never quite sure whether to wish someone a Happy Valentines Day or just act like it’s any other day. I try to be sensitive because I remember wanting to sleep through VD all together.

High school was the worst. Nothing is wrong with being single. Most days I really liked the freedom. However, what’s hard about being alone on Valentines Day–in high school–is others knowing and them feeling sorry for you. And they look at you like something is wrong–terrible wrong. It was just awkward.

Even though I didn’t have much success in school finding a sweetheart for Valentines, I’ve always been a little in love with…well, Love. Two people coming together and falling in love fascinates me. The books I enjoy almost always have a romantic element. But I must admit, the most romantic stories I know weren’t found in books. Here’s the top three that make me smile.

(To save my friends from embarrassment, I’m changing their names for this post.)


1. The Beach and Tiki Torches--My friend Kelly had dated Rick for several months. One day after work she found a note saying there was something waiting for her on the beach. All the directions were on a little map and off she went to find her treasure. When she got there during sunset, her boyfriend was waiting for her near the ocean front. He was wearing slacks and a collared shirt, surrounded by tiki torches. Of course, she cried as she walked toward him. And as they both stood in the middle of all these torches, he proposed.


2.  The Scrapbook –Okay, this was too sweet. My friend, Rose, had been seeing her boyfriend for five month or so. One day, he gave her a scrapbook. He’d been collecting all the pictures from their time together and other special occasions. The heading for each page titled by an important date and photo to go along with it.  Now, the scrapbook wasn’t full, but by the time she reached the middle the page read, ‘The first time I told you I loved you.’ There wasn’t a picture so she looked at him all curious but smiling. Then he said, ‘I love you.’ They took a picture that moment and it went in the scrapbook. And I went to their wedding this summer. 🙂


3. Under The Bridge– Not too long ago my girlfriend Nikki got engaged. The pictures were all over Facebook before we spoke in person. When she finally stole a minute away from her new fiancé, she called. And once we got through all the cheers and giddiness, I just wanted to know how he asked. As she started to tell the story I knew it was going to get elaborate. He stated their date with a message in a bottle with a yellow rose blooming out–it’s her favorite flower. Each place they went that night these messages in a bottle kept popping up, all with yellow roses. He’d driven around town beforehand putting these bottles everywhere. Then as they walked down the river walk, this bridge you see in the picture, he placed a special red rose underneath. This time, they read the message together. It was a note about their love and all that sappy goodness. And then he asked her to be his wife. At this point during her storytelling, I’m totally cheesing and wondering is this guy real. Like, what the heck, right? Anyway,this wasn’t even the best part. Above them on the bridge are all of her closets friends and family. He’d arranged for all of them to arrive in town to watch the proposal and celebrate at the engagement party that night. I guess he knew she’d say yes. Boy, I’m I glad she said yes, or this would be a very different story. 🙂

Happy Valentines Day!! 

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I’m grateful to have sight, to see the colors of the sky,

the blues, pinks, purples, oranges and even the shades of grey

I’m grateful for the smiles and hugs from my kids and husband

they are warm, forgiving, and full of love

I’m grateful for friends, to exist at the same time,

crossing paths and finding laughter in each other

I’m grateful for music, the way it penetrates deep and changes my mood

I’m grateful for sadness, without it I wouldn’t know happiness

I’m grateful for those who hurt me; it keeps me humble

and somehow more compassionate toward others

I’m grateful for the privilege of choice; I’ve made thousands of them

I’m grateful for books, that a journey is uncovered in the words

I’m grateful for today–I lived

And lastly, I’m grateful you listened


             As things go wrong sometimes  I just want to focus on what’s right.

If you’re ever having a down day check out this video. 🙂

Happy Holidays: These are a few of my favorite things

It’s that time of year again. And my husband can never get enough of the holiday cheeriness. He’s really an elf or was in a previous life. Before the Thanksgiving turkey was carved he was playing Christmas music. I, however, was still cranking my Foster the People station on Pandora. I enjoy the holidays; I do, even though I’m not much of a consumer or party-goer.

I’ve never left college, in a sense. So, I’ve been on a semester-like schedule for years, which leads me to one of my favorite things. When you work with college students you get the best breaks. I work with students at five different schools in the Maryland/D.C area and they’ll be out for a month. So that means, my schedule will clear up nicely and I’ll have time to go on vacation and write too. But here’s my list of favorite things about this time of year.

holiday tree

  • Glowing Christmas lights tracing homes, fences, poles, trees…I love it all.
  • Holiday feel-good movies: National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, The Grinch, Elf, these are a must watch for my family.
  • Snowflakes
  • Winter fashion: stylish coats, boots, hats, and scarves.
  • Christmas music
  • Seeing the excitement and wonder in my kids eyes Christmas morning.
  • All the yummy food that I get to indulge in once a year
  • Smelling the burning wood from the fireplace

Well, that’s about it.  What about you? What are your favorite things about this time of year?